Programming Schedule

Monday Through Friday

12mid-3am Captain's Third Watch
3am-6am Good Day Live with Doug Stephen
6am-9am The Brian Kilmeade Show
9am-10am Bill O'Reilly Feature
10am-1pm The Dana Show
1pm-4pm Fox News Talk Radio
4pm-5pm The Daily Defense Hour
5pm-7pm Alan Nathan Show
Thursdays 6pm-7pm- The Pin High Golf Show, 7pm-8pm The K-Mac Sports Show
7pm-10pm Free Talk Live
10pm-12mid Business Rockstars Reload

12mid-1am When Radio Was
1am-2am America Live
2am-4am Watchdog on Wall Street
4am-6am Good Day Health
6am-7am Mayo Clinic Live
7am-9am The Drive
9am-10am Drawn To Wildlife
10am-11am Popular Technology Radio
11am-12noon Garden Life
12noon-2pm Arms Room Radio
2pm-3pm Pet Show Live
3pm-4pm Grape Encounters Radio
4pm-7pm Free Talk Live
7pm-8pm Health Hour Live
8m-9pm Behind the Curtain
9pm-10pm Intelligent Medicine
10pm-11pm The American Family Farmer
11pm-12mid Tee It Up

12mid-1am Gun Owners Show
1am-2am Talk Radio Countdown
2am-4am The Drive
4am-5am Executive Leaders Radio Show
5am-6am Dr. Bob Martin Show
6am-8am Livin' The Good Life
8am-9am Home and Family Finance
9am-11am The Money Pit
11am-2pm Gun Talk
2pm-4pm Eye On the Target
4pm-5pm Free Talk Live
5pm-7pm Armed America Radio
8pm-11pm The Outlaw Radio Network
11pm-12mid Intelligent Medicine